Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why Islam

Why is a question of what is associated with Islam. Why a strange turn of substantial inquiry has found appropriate documents. It is that, as the Muslim population, but other search prasnaguloke not only for the wonderful people on earth and not a lover of Allah. The Islamic website Islam Online has submitted their answers to be clear, but the fact that there is no correct information online. This website is the only show you the truth guchano. Why Islam? Let us know what is Islam  to answer this question means before. Islam is complete code of life for the world peace and security to live. We need a society in economic system, education system, criminal justice, foreign affairs, etc. These rules are mandatory for a company to thoroughly remove a number of rules be followed live. We follow the rules themselves or can be set by the Almighty Allah. If we follow the rules and apply them correctly in the world, the result of unlimited peace and security, and if we consider the laws of lawlessness, unrest, injustice, rebellion, and will obey bleed in the world. The state can only be overcome with the answer, why? Why Islam is it clear when we realize we can still be a sovereign. The final decision of a sovereign entity, to be implemented for one. Each code is artificial or has been a sovereign Allah. Create a conflict of life of the codes is the monarchy, fascism, socialism, democracy, dictatorship, and the most popular. Each is a separate sovereign, the dictator, or a group of people, or rather a community of people, etc., of the Almighty Allah is sovereign. If you live in peace and security, and adapt to the desired reaction. Why Islam and what is Islam now clear that the life of the ruler, a code may be necessary. As we know, has a set of rules to live by way of a community organization to obey. This rule is necessary to manage a sovereign. If the sovereign's duty, then there are those who happen to society in anarchy, there is not an option. Why now understand the need for a correct answer, and it is now beyond question for everyone is expected to be finished with it.  To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.