Sunday, June 3, 2012


Islam is generally thought not known to us as a religion, it is to communicate the true meaning of Islam. The literal meaning of Islam is peace, but in reality covers two main criteria peace and security. Figure out the right answer to the question, What is Islam, and why Islam is a mystery online. Islam Online is not the right in this area. Various Islamic websites are designed to inform about Islam, but they are not enough, or even in some cases not even the truth (Huq). Islam had lost its glory and pride because of a miscalculation of his followers, known as Muslims. Let us discover the true identification of Islam here. Islam is a language of life. The Creator Allah, Islam is the only acceptable code and complete lives. To the world, with a systematic way to somehow survive all set of rules and regulations to follow as the code of life. Some may stick to the rules that the Almighty Allah, or by himself, as he wants. There was no way out. Allah has created us and he is the only supreme power in the universe, the past and the future as the current knowledge. Logically, if we are his perfect, absolutely perfect to follow laws, we will be in peace and security. Unlike humans, with the only weak a creation of Allah remember a little past little future. It is not possible for him to live a full code without error to do, and to obey the inevitable result of these false laws restlessness, agitation, anarchy, bloodshed in human society to be. If you have a deep and deliberate consideration of the current situation of the so-called Muslim nation (It would be more efficient to call this a population, rather than the nation), further evidence will be unnecessary for you. There are other code of life found in this country, but the reality is that the use of one of them are barren. On the other hand, results from application of the rules that Almighty Allah was always unlimited and uninterrupted peace and security, the history of Islam testimony is available. All humanity is now in a foggy situation turmoil. He is now at the forefront of technological progress, but this soul is empty, empty of peace and tranquility. As a man he is now in the lowest position in human history. To this situation, he may have to accept Islam as the only complete code of life. To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.