Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Religion is, for the most popular word we have heard. Today the religion is named, so that some traditional rules, regulations, and even a casual celebration of the rituals is to be understood. But religion is not just words. If we take a look behind the history of Islam or the history of civilization before the light comes, a new sense of the word religion.Religion in the first look at the contemporary use of the term vary. The poor definition of the word Religion is now before us, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. In some particular ritual traditions, which are used as permanent as follows on the other Christians or Buddhists. Well, for us all these religions are different.Religion has begun, the actual use of that term in the code of life with which we are moving into a community or society (such as the Islamic Society), they are together in order to survive, to bring to expression. Since humans are social beings, in society in order to set the tone, a set of rules, laws which necessarily has to survive continue to live in peace and security. For this reason, the entire code of life given by Allah the Almighty, as Islam (literally, peace) is introduced. The code of life for Christians, Buddha, Hindu, Jewish and Islam also has (now know as religion) of Allah, the Almighty and all the code of life was actually Islam by their Creator Allah called to his roots. Like all works of the Almighty Allah is great, logically, there must be a compelling reason for his choosing the name of Islam.You can use a set of religious beliefs and rites of the ceremony. This may be different in another municipality, but the rules and regulations must remain the same, to be at peace. If the code of life is always in Allah, the foundation of survival than on Earth, be the result of seemingly endless and lasting peace and security. In contrast, a man was biased, incomplete and incorrect rules, then the inevitable result is confusion, discomfort, injustice, anarchy and bloodshed on earth. To ignore or to obscure the success of the creator code of life with grace, the word religion will lead some of the traditional faith and the celebration of the expression. So is this before us, ie the absence of peace in the world. Now we are on the top of the relative technological success, but our current situation as a human being is that we are very depressed and completely lost our humanity.Religion is a very important word to understand. The true depth of the meaning of the word religion to achieve, we must investigate what Islam is and why Islam is a unique code of living in peace and security to stay and take a look behind the history of Islam, too.The implementation of all the effort to make the true aspect of Islam, an online site, which is the only guide you into the world again is designed to move with great pride. So do not be late just click the mouse on the touch.To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.