Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Islam actually means

Islam is a complete code of life. Enter the code for the different life, which Allah has allowed only. To answer the question of what is Islam, we can start with its meaning. The literal meaning of Islam is peace. In fact, it only means one meaning, peace. The word Islam has the sense of boundless peace and security. They have a different system of life in the world to survive in peace. All these codes are not life bear the thought of peace into reality. The reason is very simple. These are all artificial systems. An artificial system can never be too perfect to ensure universal peace and security. We will develop the reason for the clarification.
Before discussing why Islam is necessary to look to the convictions. "Believe" is to make sense to assume that something is true or right, usually in a matter invisible. As someone without seeing England, you can have faith in the existence of the country that is called faith. Similarly, when the belief in the Almighty Allah as the creator of the universe is our conviction, and because I have never seen. Almost every man in the universe has faith in a creator, with the exception of some atheists. 
Allah created man with free will alone to do what and when you want. Also, whenever the system of economic exchange, the education system, the penal code, foreign affairs, home affairs and survive in a disciplined community. Like all the past and the future seems to be present to Allah, the systems provided by him is absolutely flawless and perfect. When we follow the codes of life provided by Allah and put in place in our society, then the result will obviously be of peace and security without disruptions.
As mentioned earlier that the man is the only creature in the universe with the power of free will can accept or reject the code of life from
Allah, if desired. When he decided to reject the code of life from Allah, then, of course, must obey the system of human origin. Since man is a creation of Allah, he is totally unable to create a perfect and blameless life that can ensure peace planned.
He has already tried to create different numbers of code of life. One result has forced man to create another unnecessary, but the result is all the same. Therefore, it is best to accept the code of life chosen by
Allah for man to be alone, without stopping and security. This peace and security is called in Arabic the word Islam.
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