Sunday, June 3, 2012


Muslim is a name of a collection of the population, or more precisely a nation. Islam Online, which is the collection of all Islamic websites are quite able to express the true Islam Online is the result of the misrepresentation of the word Muslim. Muslim, is usually introduced as the followers of Islam on the other. Study of Islamic history, we can know a surprise that without (Momen) believer or a believer in Islam, it can be to be a Muslim. What is the word Muslim is actually available? Muslim is a word means someone who surrender to the Almighty Allah as sovereign in the code of life. The rules and regulations that used to survive in peace in a society known as the code of life. Anyone who follows the code of life that the Almighty Allah is known as a Muslim, even as a Hindu, Buddha, Christian, Jew, or even in religion. The verses (ayat) of the Qur'an is a proof of this proposition. On the contrary, it can be a member of the religion of Islam must be from the introduction is a Muslim. may be non-Muslim and not one to turn to Islam. To clarify the concept of a Muslim, we must be familiar with what is Islam, namely, why Islam is necessary. Let us have a brief idea on the subject. Islam is the visual result of the municipality where the dos and don'ts that Allah is fully established. Since Allah is the Creator of the universe, and the only pre-and pro-viewer, it's so easy for him a perfect code of life to deliver to keep humanity in peace and security. You can also man made rules and regulations that fascism, totalitarianism, socialism, monarchy or democracy generally accepted, obvious result of anarchy, rebellion, riots, injustice, bloodshed, etc. Muslim is a very important thing to Allah, as He, the faithful (Momen) not, without orders to die a Muslim. The reason for this is too rich to discuss. If we observe the history of Islam, it is easy for us to realize the cause. Tickets can be said to be a Muslim in order to do the sovereignty of Almighty Allah. If you want to accept Allah as the only sovereign is its Commander Allah (Ela) and he will have to be a Muslim, because no other option is available. To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.