Thursday, June 7, 2012


Terrorism, the hot topic in today's world. Another form of terrorism is now presented as a "military work". The word militant was now apparently intentionally called for Muslims. Terrorism in general be defined as the illegal work of destruction, damage to ordinary people. Terrorism can cover the embezzlement, looting, murder, secret, murder, torture of defenseless men, and so is any attempt to harm others in all aspects of life can be defined as terrorism.
Terrorism seeks to do related to the Islamic Jihad and other Islamic works where the fact is they have no relationship between them now. Terrorism can never be in symbiosis with Jihad. The complete and perfect code of life from Allah Almighty is the basis of religion (or rather the
system or code of life) of Islam. When these codes are imposed otherwise superior source of life-like socialism, fascism, dictatorship, monarchy, etc., democracy, the inevitable result will be peace and security. The methodology for establishing the code of life above all others, and chosen by Allah prescribed Jihad. Jihad means striving and soul of every possible angle to the success of something. This jihad is now riveted on terrorism.
Terrorism, as presented above works as destructive, is the biggest threat to the world. Furthermore, the Jihad is the attempt to sacrifice jobs to keep all humanity in peace and security unlimited. How can there be a weak relationship between these two words mean the same thing? Islam is the only religion or lifestyle that never allows terrorism. Therefore, their literal meanings, is peace. Everything works harming others is prohibited here.
Terrorism can not be easily distinguished from the Jihad. The end result is peace of Jihad say, Islam. It is the only way of life that has never permitted to touch it even smaller part of people of other religions instead of providing the guarantee of security. We can say blindly, without any form of life on the world, may this oath. All the code of life is flawed to produce terror in Islam following methods to submit to all sorts of terrorism. The history of Islam itself is proof of this bold statement.

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