Thursday, June 7, 2012


Belief relates generally to make sense to assume that something is true or right. The synonym of the word belief, it is faith. Generally, a problem increasingly invisible or something that is always listening instead of a display is known as faith or belief. The existence of Almighty Allah is a belief in humanity, except for some atheists. Islam is a code of life (but now known simply as a religion) based on the belief of Allah as the sole ruler of the universe.Belief is a matter of heart. When will undoubtedly hard and firm about something so obvious is thought to be considered for a belief. To know the true meaning of faith lets you know something about Islamic facts and what is Islam, why Islam needs to know about faith and what is the true and glorious history of Islam . Islam is the name of a complete code of life which was given by Allah to teach men a perfect guide to properly keep in perfect peace and security unlimited. Therefore, the unique code of life of Allah to meet our every type of individual, social, economic, financial requirements of the Criminal Code with a clear result of peace.Allah is the creator of the universe and He is the only sovereign is the basis of the code of life, Islam. All peoples of the world, when you want to be at peace, the only way to continue education is provided by Allah, the Quran. The Quran is a book of heavenly instruction provided by Allah to humanity as a whole.Belief is not just a sense of faith, but to obey. When someone comes to Allah, then he'll be locked into a contract, not to obey the other in any sphere of life rather than Allah. The belief is not only a fact to say, but to demonstrate that they have seen. The Arabic form of the word belief is Yakin.This Yakin is of two types:

"Elmal Yakin," which refers to that faith in something unseen and

"Aynal Yakin," which means to make us understand something that has already seen.
When belief in
Allah as Aynal Yakin (seen faith), rather than Elmal Yakin (faith is not) and I tried to obey a sovereign, to be a winner, both in our lives, as part of life existed in the earth and through eternal life in heaven. So everyone put forward their concentration in order to know the true meaning of the word debate.
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