Sunday, June 3, 2012

Code of life

Code of life, which is now referred to as a religion means a collection of rules to implement the whole life of man. These rules are mandatory for a company in the world for a healthy exercise. Without a code of life, it is not possible to live in a society in peace and security. Islam is such a code of life, provided by the Almighty Allah. Code of life is the economic system, education, criminal, foreign, political system, etc. All these codes are unique in their life have won the field. If you believe a company lives without code, so that the community will fall into a bottomless sea of ​​anarchy and bloodshed. Because all members of society is undisciplined and uncontrolled by doing what he likes. If there is a code for life, he is to be bound by a set of rules and regulations. Code of lives will be mandatory if we want to live in peace in a society. Let us now, we know where we will be able to find a code of life. Either Allah Almighty through or to adopt a ready man. Allah is the only sovereign in the universe, he is the Creator, Lord. It is so easy to make for him to live a perfect code, not human. Allah is the sovereign, the only one in a position to know the past and the future as current. Then he can easily give a code of life with all kinds of requirements for a person in society to live in peace filled. In the Holy Quran Allah has said, "the rules of the Lord (ala Lahul Khalq Wal Amar) to be." Code of life became man is also acceptable. All man-made code of life as a monarchy, fascism, socialism, dictatorship and democracy is popular ultimately fail in their area. Because people are created by Allah to know a little bit later, how could it be possible to create for him a full key life without error to? Common sense tells us it is not possible. The result is therefore to accept Allah as the Sovereign. After about the code of life may experience a further question is what is Islam and why Islam is necessary? The answer to this question will only be willing to work with a unique Islamic Islamic.Vg site online, its primary focus on the real contour of Islam online. To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.