Sunday, June 3, 2012

What is Islam

What is Islam is a common view of the mind every pious and curious. There have been many Islamic websites, and online Islamic books, but the fact that no appropriate article on the web which will meet the question of what is Islam? This site presented its main focal point in this order to fulfill their thirst in all of Islam. This site is an Islamist Web site that is in search of the true line of Islam. You can consider this site as an Islamic center or Islamic cultural center and an Islamic shop, which is on display all the real history of Islam and sequentially you will be familiar with what is Islam. Therefore, to know the true glory and history of Islam, as is known about what Islam is to study our articles. As you start to completion of the main theme of our site will become the soul of all Islamic websites to you. What is Islam? and indeed why Islam is a matter of great debate. Let's start with this question. The literal meaning of Islam is peace. In fact, rate includes mainly two important meaning and security. It stands out primarily for making us understand how a society can be seen as the Islamic center which has no disquiet, inequality, turmoil, bloodshed, only peace and security prevails. The rules and regulations, which means dos and don'ts laid down by God for all humanity is the real truth (HAQ). Where a company of a civilization moves in these directions the result comes out (peace and security) is called Islam and is the answer to question what is Islam.