Sunday, June 3, 2012

History of Islam

Islamic history is very broad topic to discuss. Normally history is the word referred to a sense of the past memorable events. Several events happened in the past of mankind, but we are not aware of all these events, or even known. Islamic history is also true. Since Islam is the only acceptable code quality of life (Deen) to Almighty Allah, the large number of cases of the solid are already in his long life (such as during the devastating floods like Nuh.) Happens. Among the memorable event has been eliminated as the history of Islam. History of Islam, if someone in a position to the true history of Islam to conquer the entire code of life, peace and security system immensely to know that we would probably no, this is not preferable. The true history of Islam is full of glory and conquest. History of Islam, let us begin to discuss this issue. First, we need to know the current situation of these so-called Islamic people, ie Muslims. There is no reason to describe the current state of this so-called Muslim nation (actually it is more logical to call her as a Muslim population) for each and confident people. You are now in a regular and continuous torture, shame, suffering, terror defies description with other nations in the world. Again, their inner state of society full of turmoil, injustice, riots, bloodshed, etc. Why is this happening? To the actual history of Islam, the answer to that question is clearly mandatory to find out. The unique answer to this question is to just stay in that place. History of Islam now makes his first steps in this Islamic website to find out the truth. The code of life that Allah has for mankind is always balanced and free of errors. If a company has established the Dos and Don'ts, as Allah is unlimited and not interpretable peace and security. The complete code of life, which Allah to various communities around the world walked away from the beginning of humanity, as Islam is introduced, namely peace and security answer to the question of what is Islam. It is also clear to us why Islam is a necessity for the stability of the survival of humanity. History of Islam in front of us is far away from reality. We have also completely ignored the reality. Islam on the net is full of illusion. The only Islamic website for peace, love, people, to find the truth.