Sunday, June 3, 2012

Islam and marriage

Islam and marriage would be to know a major issue. Islam is a system of leading life in a society and an important event in this community for peace instead of turmoil prevail marriage. Islam and marriage is very narrow. First, we need to know what is Islam and why Islam. Islam is a complete code of life in a society with unlimited peace and security to survive. To live in society Almighty Allah sound a series of rules and regulations of criminal law, education, foreign policy, economic system, etc. Such a system is the system where marriage. Islam and marriage is strongly connected, because the result will contribute to the successful application of the marriage system, the rest of the peace in society. Now let's take a look at how Islam and marriage are linked. Marriage is such an agreement between an adult boys and girls can be defined. In Islam, it is very easy to make and easy. Islamic history is witness. Islam and marriage is now to make it clear here. To be aware of the relationship between Islam and the marriage seems to be the meaning and purpose of marriage is a reality. Following patterns of male and female generate have both a prerequisite for mutual engagement. This has naturally created by Allah. Then the marriage system should be mandatory to keep the society under Islam. In Islam, marriage is kept simple and easy process, so that any problems that may occur. Only three simple ways that given by Allah for a valid correlation between a boy and a girl. These rules are, that a marriage legal obligation. These three laws are: Will both candidates Denmohorana (donate money from the boy to the girl needs) Witness Without meeting these three requirements is not marriage be legal. All these conditions are chosen so easy to accomplish. Messenger of Allah said that the baby would be born illegal if a marriage did not meet those specifications. So to keep society without crime just three conditions were elected. It is true Islam and marriage. Without Islam, marriage system and can no other way by which man can bring the peace to be accepted. Now, these marriages are overlooked systems. Several fun and non-approved methods will now be used as the life of the agreement, or even for free live without mutual consent, etc. The current situation is, it is difficult to get married, but simply to live together. The result differs from crime and disease such as AIDS rose in society, the inevitable consequence that there is turmoil there is no peace, Islam. Islam and marriage is such a correlated manner. It is the only Islamic website on the Internet, those hidden truths to publish. To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.