Sunday, June 3, 2012

Code of life

What is Islam, to find the real answer to this question, first we must understand the importance and contribution of the rules and regulations to survive in a community. As we know, man is a social being, to live in the society he has to follow some collections of penal code, social system, education system, foreign relations, etc. This set of dos and don'ts referred to as the complete code of life. This code of life if it can be formed by the lord or the creator of the universe, or the man himself. It has no output. The second form is not able to give you the answer of what is Islam. What is Islam will become clearer after performing different terminology clearly related to this. One is the code of life. Allah is the creator of the universe. He knows the past and the future of time. Everything is always present before him. Therefore the standards set by him are certainly impeccable. On the contrary, if man is to make and use a code of life, is sure to be guilty, because man is only a small creation of Allah, who is unable to remember the event shortly before the future light . How is it possible for him to make a complete code of life to scroll through all your life perfect? In a word, is impossible. The inevitable result will be agitation, riots, bloodshed on earth. If we follow the rules and regulations established by God we will be in peace and security. This is the real answer of what is Islam and why Islam. For more details about what Islam should come and study the relationship of Islam. You will be provided to make a visual of what is Islam. And only then our duty and efforts will be the success of why Islam.