Sunday, June 3, 2012

Islam: it’s origin

Islam is the name of a famous religious. This is the second largest religion in the next world. Although it refers to us as a religion, it is actually a result of a code of life. We use the word Islam means peace. But what does the word Islam? Islam, the literal meaning of peace is, and it is the demand of every person is either a Muslim or followers of other religions (code lives). In another perspective, we can say the lack of peace (Islam) is the burning issue for the entire human civilization. The word Islam means peace are elected by the highest and sole ruler of the universe. It makes all that Allah is great logic, there should be a reason for the introduction of the strongest names other than Islam. Here we identify a major effort to clear the importance of Islam. Islam is before us to reveal the search a bit to go back to the creation of man. As we know, Allah created us and put his soul (RUH) in our body is able to be as representative on earth. With Allah's soul all his property was in a man. But the audience was a bit too much compared to him. It was not enough to serve as his deputy, but to change or add to the command of Allah. Representative means the same work of God, who rules the world after his command given in a particular area. As the amount of power Allah has given little, it provides a set of instructions (code lives) for us to follow gradually after our creation, and rule the world. If we carry out work efficiently, to rule the world according to God's instructions so that the result will be announced to the entire universe is called Islam or peace. To observe the world of Islam to make any kind of peace work is ebadat or pray to Allah, and of course to act as his deputy, and the result will be Islam. Here's one thing during our creation Satan or Eblis other malayeks (angle) have to be focused on Allah invoked against us. They always say the man power of Allah, they will use it the wrong way to create anarchy and bloodshed on earth. But Allah did not hear him. Therefore, Satan asks Allah to show his right as men anarchy and bloodshed on the ground that his idea was. Then form the opposite of power Allah always used to get people deviate from Allah's path. If we turn our attention for awhile, around the world than Afghanistan, Iraq, Livia, Palestine, etc. It is too easy for us to say who the current owner of the challenge between Allah and Satan. The whole world is howling at peace, Islam. Islam comes only when we accept and follow the code of life from Allah. It is the only path to peace, Islam. If we obey the code of life through Allah, we are Muslims. This is the real origin of Islam. To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.