Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is religion

"What is religion" is a vital issue. We are used to belong to a poor sense of the word. religion is generally known to us that the collection of traditional festival is regularly or occasionally if it concerns a very different meaning. What is religion will be clear before us, whether we be clear about the term "Code of life." We are used at once intrigued the word religion and code of life.
What is religions are going to discuss here, but at first check out the code of life. `Code of life" refers to a set of instructions to learn the rules and regulations to survive in a partnership in the discipline. Rules and regulations may provide, by Allah, the Creator or man himself. When the man is perfect follow Allash's rules and the final result will obviously be of peace and security. Instead, following the rules of man himself, no doubt, the result is anarchy, disorder, unrest, disorder, blood, etc.
What is religion is now uncertain. In fact, religion is nothing but the code of life. The real meaning of it is hidden intentionally touch with a long-term plan. The result of the code of life ordained by Allah is, of course, peace and security. But the rules of Allah is not advantageous for lovers of Satan in the world. So they created a code of life itself. But after a few days faced a new problem in their code of life. A code prepared in different life. Thus, socialism different from the faulty system, communism, fascism, dictatorship, democracy has emerged, but none of them succeeded because they are all artificial are so few in mind and deserve.
What is religion is now you know. When the man tried to prevent the code from the life of Allah, so they created another source of life to the penal code, the education system, foreign relations, the financial system, exchange system maintenance etc. as some other works real, and pray to Allah (Salah), fast (Saom) gift money (jakah), visit the kaba (Hajj), etc, but this is now known as religion.
What is religion there will be no confusion in most cases. In the history of Islam, we see the real aspect of religion. What is Islam and what Islam is obligatory to obey a code of life is vital.  To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.