Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Quran is the only book chosen by Allah to all mankind as a code of life to live until the last day of unlimited peace and security to follow. It is the only book on earth that I still like when first sent to the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad SM. Allah the authority of the Holy Quran in all types of change and change is to be kept protected.
Quran is usually faith as a resource for the Muslim population, where reality is that should belong to all mankind, to be at peace. If the person follows the rules of the Quran well, then the result is called Islam. If we were clearer about what is Islam  and why Islam is absolutely necessary, the establishment of peace on earth, tell us more interested in the Quran and its contents.
Quran as presented above as the only complete code of life, let's be clear about what the first is the code of life. Code of life, the collection of a few and not make two consists of the Criminal Code, the educational system, financial system, foreign policy, domestic policy, etc., with which a man leads his life as a single unit of a community. In order to prevent riots, anarchy, a truly perfect code of life is to obey absolutely. In this case, by the laws of Almighty Allah, provided that the only people to establish an uninterrupted peace and security on the ground, which is known as the Holy Quran.
In the history of Islam, the Quran as a miracle book said. If you study the contents of the Quran, you need more evidence to prove he is a heavenly book. Several events in the skin behind his arrival on Earth was mentioned here as a variety of modern information and recent mysterious events that will happen in the future, as mentioned here.
Quran is a living miracle (mojeja) on Earth. Several verses (ayat) of which can be perfectly divided into three categories.
• The correct direction of travel (Hedayah)
• The real code of life (Deen-ul-Huq) and
• The establishment of both of these two. (Li-uz-Hera).
This Ayat or verse of the Koran are easy to fall into these three types without consultation. Here's another important fact to be clear that since this book is the personal property of the Muslims called, where reality is different. It is the only code of life in peace and security to live on Earth. Therefore, it is owned by all peace loving people worldwide.
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