Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The peace, the expectation of each and every one of the world. The man is a social being. Having to live in a community to survive in a systematic way. The result of a systematic way of life is perfect peace. Peace can be defined following the correct application of rules and regulations established by Allah Almighty. In the Arabic term is known as Islam. Let's look at further processing.Peace is often confused with the comfort of the word. Convenience is what is used to describe some of the most common services and facilities that man the satisfaction of the opinion that peace is the only word that refers to the meaning of this condition, if not anxiety, agitation, wickedness, the shedding of blood there, instead of peace and security. The question is how a situation is possible?Peace is the way of the Arabic word Islam translated. Islam is once again the name of a single code of life. For the actual appearance of peace, we need in what is Islam should be understood and why Islam is the only code of life for peace has prevailed. In a society of peace is only possible if there is anarchy, chaos and bloodshed on earth. For this situation, you must need a perfect system of laws covering the Criminal Code, the educational system, economy, social system, foreign policy, etc. IE will continue to be a complete code of life, the whole situation under control and discipline. Each time the code of life from Allah Almighty can not but be an absolute and perfect. Only Allah is sovereign, first of all the past and the future is now. So, logically, the rules will be absolutely perfect. Instead, you can configure to obey the rules by humans, but the inevitable result will be riots and bloodshed. If you want to be alone is better to obey the code of life chosen by Allah.Peace can be seen in the history of Islam with several unique events in human history. Islam Online, the various means of online sites have been developed to disseminate the Islamic ethics of Islam, but Islam is all about how to turn there with a very light weight and perverse concept. And hide the truth of Islam and Islamic history is only visible on-line heavyweight site. Be sure to join with the use of this site.You can use this Islamic website center or Islamic cultural center that its process, with the aim of bringing all humanity in peace and security meeting was dedicated to be considered. Keep your criticism to make this site and decide what to do, to live in peace. To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.