Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is Miracle

Miracle (Mojeza) is a unique supernatural Allah Almighty. It is available in the History of Islam. Many Messenger of Allah  revealed in the earth to teach men in the right direction to live in peace. Whenever a Messenger of Allah comes to his community and urged them to accept Allah as the only Lord, the test most of disbelief and people necessary. Of course, demand a lot of sense. To solve the problem the Messenger of Allah gave him some special ability of Allah to carry out the supernatural events of the faith of man in general is known as Mojeza or miracle. Allah puts on these events by messengers. Therefore, the miraclecan be defined as unique and supernatural events that Allah brought by the messengers for authentication is called the miracle. Different messengers has different kinds of miracles. Such as, Solaiman (Ace) includes language angles, animals and birds. The staff of Moses (Ace) becomes a great and terrible serpent after launch. The healing touch of Christ, the lepers and the blind infants. It amounts to a dead man for three days. But the fact is impressive, the miracle of speech is absent in the Holy Qur’an. Allah used the word (verse) verse, ie sign instead of a miracle. Every miracle performed by the Messenger of Allah is a sign of its authentication and these events is not the natural rule that man to understand that it can not be an ordinary man. This is a necessity Messenger of Allah, how else? Depending on the number of logic where there's smoke is present. Smoke from the media is the justification of fire. As the verse (verse) of the Qur’an is the sign which is an unusual creation is Allah's book. Other identification of this sign is unusual miracle.
miracles performed by the Messenger of Allah were adequate to the contemporary condition of society. Messenger as Moses (Ace) sent to the miraculous magic wand, because in his time was too run in Egypt. It faces of contemporary magicians. In the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (Sm.), Arabia was well advanced in poetic practice, so that Allah performed the miracle of our messenger, the Holy Qur’an and poetic prosody. Some miracle has to be done through a profound observation was understandable even for an intelligent man vulgar.
The then chief, Mohammad Khan Panni Bayazeed mentioned quite logical in the "
Qur’an: the miracle" of his book "Islam and Islam E noy " ("This Islam is not Islam's all ") on this subject. The study of this chapter makes clear idea about the topic.
He died 1400 years after the departure of the last
Messenger of Allah. In this True Islam has totally changed. Now go in the opposite direction from their initial trajectory. At that time, the then chief, Mohammad Khan Panni Bayazeed with the love of Allah has come to realize that lost the True Islam. Our Imam (leader) has said that Islam trivial running all over the world today is not the True IIslam, not fully invested. He outlined the real face of Islam to humanity as well. If we are able to fulfill their writings, to answer the question of why Islam and what is Islam clear before us. To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.