Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Allah is the supreme powerful unit of all existence of the universe. He is the ruler of the universe, the top too. He is the Creator of all. Allah created the whole universe to be only seven days in a word Kun. Almost all of the world population keeps faith in the existence and power of Allah, except a little (atheist).Allah is the belief of people of all religions (code of life), but with different names such as Allah, Allah, Bhagban, Iswar, etc. Allah has created humanity with love and love, also has a guide always move to escape. Allah has a perfect code of life for most people touched his creation to live in peace and security, which is made available to Islam.Allah, the only sovereign, is the creator of the unique code of life, Islam. What is Islam, a clarification question about Allah and why to make Islam the same answer. When the man touched the creation of Allah, who always want to preserve them in peace. The inner nature of man is to live, to meet with others of different reciprocity. Thus, he has to live the life of a community in a peaceful society requires a systematic set of rules and laws that describe how the code of life. You can follow the rules of the Creator, or they can for themselves. if you follow the rule of the Almighty, then it is called a Muslim.If the man wants to govern themselves and obey it, and not Allah, the result is inevitable riots and bloodshed because of his total ignorance about their future a little. I could never be possible for a man to make a code of life without making mistakes. So the decision is to follow the rules of Allah forecast viewer.Allah speaks to us about their existence is not enough to talk. In the Quran, we find some verses (verses), has in some mention of Allah. We are the people so small brain, in order to understand the scope of their existence. If there is time, and no place in the universe, then he was. History of Islam offers some unique and interesting events of the most influential existence of the Almighty to try.Islam Online several Islamist websites on the Internet is not enough to learn this. The perfect and relevant website can be described as To learn more, right on a lot of hidden, ongoing communication with the site. Share your feelings, ask questions and make an appropriate comment. To to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.