Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Despite the importance of absolute accuracy includes the right and that is far from the false. Actually, there is a distant relationship between true and false. Both are very opposite directions. Although it can be defined as rooted in Allah. Everything comes from Allah, absolutely true.
The truth is intimately with Allah. After the Holy Quran Allah throughout the universe in seven days, created with a single word Kun, Be. Many events have happened then. In summary, we have separated the earth from heaven. In order to survive and have offspring: man of the earth has sent as a punishment for disobedience to the orders of Allah, (See Bakarah Koran, Sura). When the man touched the creation of Allah, he gave them a code of life in peace and security. This code of life is as true of Allah in the Quran is concerned. (Surah Fatah: 28, sauf: 09, and Tawba: 33). Allah called him from the address given Tawhid (sovereignty) is true of the absolute and the rules established by him in Tawheed.
If this is true, ie, the correct address and the code of life Allah has established in a community, the inevitable result of international peace and security will be unlimited. There was no way to live, within the meaning of Islam to peace.
Absolute is true, then it follows that there are no rules, bonds and the calculation of the gain or loss. In the life of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (Sm), events known as the encounter with Allah as Meraj and misunderstanding of the near death of her child is unique and an example of a (more about these events only are linked to learning the history of Islam). This instance of the truth is hard to find, or rather impossible, to find in the history of mankind.
The result of that true peace is the Arabic word Islam is yours. In the history of Islam, we have several unique events that meet our consultation on what is Islam seen. And what is the true reality. Despite several Islamic websites have developed online to discuss Islamic events, but not at all sufficient for this purpose. We cordially invite you to the website to display the outline of the true Islam.
To learn more about why Islam is what is Islam , what is a Muslim who is the true sovereign and logical, you are open and conducting observation about the history of Islam mandatory. Take your time with this place and know the true reality.
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