Thursday, June 7, 2012

True religion

True religion can not be regarded as Islam. Islam is the religion (in fact it means the code of life), which can not be considered a perfect code of life due to its origin. There is a code of ordinary life rather than any heavenly Allah Almighty.
True religion, before knowing the details about this to raise awareness about what is the first religion. Religion is the word most often used to make us understand a traditional festival / ritual events different from Muslim, Hindu, Buddha, and Christian society. Pray Allah system, fasting, giving money to
Allah Almighty beautiful now it's just like religion. In the religion of reality is something completely different. Religion really means the code of life, the collection of certain rules and regulations which we live in a community. The code of life that can provide an unlimited peace and security can be considered the true religion.
True religion (or rather the code of life) is perfect as it will be perfect, absolute and complete. In true religion there is no perfect penal code, the education system, financial system, foreign relations, exchange system etc. not raise a simple question that may not exist in this system. Provide such a system is only possible by
Allah Almighty. Because he is the creator of the universe, who better to know the well-being of this universe? For this reason, Allah says in the Qur'an that the order will be effective only by Allah. The obvious result is the Islam of peace and security, ie.
True religion is displayed before when you can be clear about what is
Islam and why Islam is necessary to determine that Islam on the face of the earth. If we study the history of Islam, will have no other evidence of that fact. However, when we use man made religion (code of life) that socialism, communism, dictatorship, fascism, democracy, etc. The result is presented before us. So the decision is to adopt the code by Allah.
True religion, when it must be respected by the community, then in peace and the artist is known as a Muslim. Called Muslims do not belong to this definition. We usually think, the followers of Islam are called Muslims, where is the truth, all who obey Allah as the only sovereign is the sole provider of rules and regulations, known as a Muslim, even following traditions Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Muslims.
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