Thursday, June 7, 2012


Jihad is an Arabic word that generally means the effort. In a broad sense, all kinds of attempts to bring something to the success, it is called Jihad. Usually, the Jihad in Islam refers to efforts to implement the code of life given by Allah (the obvious result of what is peace or Islam) in all areas of our lives. In the Quran Allah says that He sent a messenger of Allah (Sm.) to take their code of life in the code for each life has existed in the world.
Jihad is the word that in the. Mentioned by Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran, which made the Jihad mandatory for every believer (Mumin) Here's one thing to see is the jihad does not mean violence, but try to contribute something in the victory. The practical method of jihad can be a conversation (trying to understand), the argument (see proof of evidence), writing, etc.
Jihad is processed only when it has to do with weapons. But Allah turned back the word "ketal" to introduce the situation of extreme jihad. We have often confused the two words. These two words are very different but symbiotic word. In a specific condition both rivet each other.
Jihad, why it became mandatory? For the answer, let's do a brief review of the past. 
Allah created us, and provided that the only perfect and complete code of life to survive in the world to peace and security. When we implement the code of life (often confused with the religion of the word) of Allah and the final result will obviously be of unlimited peace and security. To set the code of life the only method chosen by Allah is jihad. You can not prefer the way, but it is definitely the right way, because it is the perfect choice and absolute Allah. If we become aware of what Islam is and why Islam is considered the only designated code of life in Allah, as we learn more about jihad.
Jihad is now often intentionally mixed with terrorism. Terrorism is the combination of an extreme job and destructive extreme. Since the attacks, killing innocent people wrongfully taking possession of the other, etc. But now a days Islam and jihad presented so that all the work of Muslims are called terrorists and are treated as the terror, where the reality is quite the opposite. This so-called Muslims are now suffering under the beggar description. Because they have forgotten their main purpose for sending in the ground and the whole work process, which fell into such a state.
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